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Maintenance shop for single-engine aircraft under 5,700 kg, approved to EASA Part 145 No. FR.145.295
Manufacture of APM 20 light aircraft: approved JAR 21 No. FG138


You can now contact our "Spares" department by e-mail at the following address: "pièces de rechanges"

From now on, please contact Romain Klur, the newly appointed Head of Issoire Aviation Airworthiness, at:, for any correspondence dealing with the airworthiness of your APM aircraft. address "Romain Klur"

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June 2011 : Weight increase for APM20 Lionceau and APM30 Lion.

June 8, 2010 : New, more complete edition of the APM30 maintenance manual.

May 27, 2010 : New Issoire Aviation Service Bulletin No. 52 concerning the use of unleaded automobile fuel in the APM20 and APM30 aircraft. It is now possible again to use automobile fuel provided that the fuel pipes are replaced with new Teflon tubing (Modification No. 26-09). This new SB cancels and replaces Service Letter No. 15.

May 17, 2010 : New Issoire Aviation Service Bulletin No. 53 requesting checks to be performed on the fastening of the main landing gear legs on the APM20 and APM30 No. 21.

December 7, 2009 : New Issoire Aviation Service Letter No. 16 describing the checks to be made in case your APM20 or APM30 should become difficult to manoeuvre on the ground.

August 24, 2009 : Following the increase in the amount of ethanol in unleaded fuels, we asked our fuel hose supplier for the Lionceau aircraft to check whether his hoses are still compatible with this new definition of unleaded fuel. After the tests performed by our supplier, we were informed that these hoses are no longer compatible with SP95 as it is currently distributed. We therefore uphold the terms of our Service Letter No. 15: do not use SP95 automotive fuel with your APM20 Lionceau or APM30 LION. Only use 100LL avgas. Of course, we are actively seeking an alternative solution: we will keep you informed of developments in the situation through the same channel.

August 19, 2009 : Integration of the CMMs on our medical bottle supports into the free technical document download system.

June 9, 2009 : New Issoire Aviation Service Letter No. 15 concerning the presence of ethanol in SP95 automotive fuel.

May 2009 : New Service Bulletin No. 51 requesting checks to be made on the front landing gear leg of the APM20 and APM30.

November 2008 : site management difficulties have so far prevented us from offering you download of Service Letter No. 14: please accept our apologies. It will be the same for the new Service Bulletin No. 50 that we ask you to apply. In fact, ROTAX currently provides a new type of fuel pump, which is much bulkier than the original and rubs on the engine cover. If you have to fit this new fuel pump, you should include a boss on the top engine cover. SB No. 50 specifies the procedures.

18-09-2008 : Release of the Issoire Aviation Service Letter No. 14. We ask all operators of APM20 aircraft to inspect their aircraft and send us the results. This is just a very simple check that takes only a few moments during the next routine inspection.

June 2007 : Certification of our new APM30 LION aircraft, which is a three-seater Lionceau with 912 S engine, authorized for VFR at night.

04-05-2006 : Release of SB No. 49 Issoire Aviation recommending moving the voltage regulator APM20 aircraft.

10-04-2006 : Release of Issoire Aviation SB No. 48 concerning the pinion on the flap control reducer on Wassmer WA421, WA51, WA52, WA54 and CE43 aircraft.

10-02-2006 : Issoire AviationSB No. 45 and the latest revisions to the flight and maintenance manuals are available, with final approval from EASA.

07-02-2006 : Release of Issoire Aviation SB No. 45 concerning the replacement of the water temperature gauge on the APM20 Lionceau and the new revisions to the flight and service manuals for this aircraft. These documents are not yet finally approved by EASA; they are only valid until February 14, 2006.

20-07-2005 : New Issoire Aviation SB No. 47: check (and possibly change) the screws fixing the engine on its frame on the APM20.

20-07-2005 : New Issoire Aviation SB No. 46: Change of the fixing of the oil tank on the APM20 aircraft, Nos. 7, 10, 11 and 12.

11-08-2005 : Postponement of application of ROTAX SB 912-043 to 31/12/2005 involving postponement of the issue of Issoire Aviation SB No. 45.

11-01-2005 : New Issoire Aviation SB No. 45 concerning the Lionceau’s coolant: to be published shortly.

09-11-2004 : Lionceau: see ROTAX SB No. 912-043 ( you must change the coolant.
SB IA No. 40 we inform you that the repair line for the tail of the WA50 and its derivatives is operational. Contact us to repair your tail. Above all, when sending us these tails, remember to include the hinge fittings, balancing arm, tabs and tab forks: for this repair, we have to check the static balance of the whole assembly.
We are now able to repair your WA50 horizontal stabilizers according to BS IA Nr 40. Please contact us. Remember to send the complete stabilizer, including fittings, moment arm, tab and tab forks: we have to check the static balance of the whole stabilizer.
New Issoire Aviation SB No. 42 concerning the engine-frame mounting spacers on the APM20 Lionceau’s CPF. These spacers must be changed within 100 flying hours or 6 months. The spacers are available free of charge from our Spares Department.
New Issoire Aviation SB No. 43 concerning the landing gear legs on the Lionceau. These should be checked on every hard landing and every 50-hour inspection.
New Issoire Aviation SB No. 44 concerning the brake lever that unscrews itself without warning!
Owners / operators of the APM 20 Lionceau Nos. 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10, you are affected by ROTAX Service Instruction No. 912-015 regarding a modification to be made to your engine’s reduction gear. AVIREX has undertaken to make this change free of charge on all Lionceau aircraft in service provided that they are presented before 31/12/2004. Think about it! This Service Instruction is available on the ROTAX site:
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